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We are passionate about helping visitors such as YOU fulfill your next dream vacation experience in Barbados. It all starts with a simple premise:
Who knows bests how to help visitors discover and access all that the island has to offer?

  Other visitors of course!!

Those who have just experienced what you desire as well as those who are about to live YOUR dream.  Wouldn't it be great if you could spend less time searching and evaluating new opportunities, simply by leveraging the insight of others who share your dream for adventure or relaxation?
But isn't meeting such people on vacation challenging?

  Not anymore. Meet your Island Concierge!!

Bimoo is all about uniting fellow vacationers towards the fulfillment of a common dream. We break down the immaculate wall garden silos that normally limit social interaction to a few chance encounters in the lobby and at the bar.   With Bimoo, we expand your social circle to the entire island of visitors who are actively exploring, discovering and enjoying paradise. Best of all we make the challenge of satisfying your dream an easier and way more enjoyable journey by allowing you to freely interact with others on your own terms.

  Simply add Bimoo to your travel bag and we will help melt away the anxiety and tension from which you flee!!

Your Dream. Your Reality

We match your dream to points of interest around the island as well as to the latest discussions in the forum so that you can get the most from your limited time in paradise. You are always one tap away from interacting with a fellow dreamer.

Always There

Who has time to be tied to a desk while in paradise? Not YOU!! We deliver notifications of interest to you. Waiting on a response to a question or following the latest review? We will inform you as soon as it becomes available.

Around Town

Barbados is small a dot on the map but it still poses a challenge to new visitors. After discovery comes the challenge of access. Is the restaurant in walking distance or do we have to drive? Build familiarity with your surroundings as you interact and explore points of interest on the map.

Bimoo App


  • Turn your office day dreams into reality!
  • Dump the pre-planned activity roster and add discovery and excitement back to your adventure
  • Connect and learn from others who share your dream
  • Quickly build familiarity with your surroundings
  • Expand your social circle to an entire island of fellow dreamers
  • Interact on your terms - No email or phone numbers to exchange!
  • Unshackle your vacation persona and have some fun!
  • Read unique stories on points of interest that match your dream
  • Enjoy island wide free-wifi access


Yes it is and always will be. Get it today!
Information and time are precious gems on vacation. We value your time and want you to get the most from your stay in Barbados. Hence we strive to bring relevant information to your attention and this all centers around your dream. You know, the one you have sitting at the office after lunch staring at the screen! Tell us a little about this so that we can deliver the best value to you.
Absolutely. We take the security of your identity and location very seriously. This is one of the reasons (the other reason is for fun) why you establish an island persona during registration. It allows you to interact freely with others without worrying about the long term implications of sharing your actual name, email, phone number and other personal identifiers. We never track your location and never share it with others. We deliver information of interest to your device and match it for relevancy using your location, bookmarks, connections and so on. You can read more about how we handle the information you share with us in our Privacy Policy.
Simply tap their profile photo to send a message or chat.
When possible we highlight points of interest that match your dream in order to accelerate discovery.
Follow our blog for the latest news and developments on all things Bimoo.

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